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Tim at The Phoenix in Kansas City, MO

Tim Whitmer believes that the gift of music is one of the most important aspects of a worship service, meditational ceremony and/or a memorial service. Tim says that "music can so uniquely express the full rainbow of emotions that the soul and heart experience"

Tim can be reached at any time for his religious services through his Tender Transition 24 hour line, 816-668-4444 or e-mail Tim by CLICKING HERE.

Tim has been performing music for over 40 years. He brings forth am exceptional combination of talents as he balances both religious and secular work.

Tim's religious work began when he started playing church organ in 1964. Since that time he has been music director/minister for St. Peter's Catholic Church in Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO), St John's Lutheran Church (KCMO), St. Francis Catholic Church (KCMO) and St. John Vianney (Sedona, Arizona)

Tim created and hosts the Spirituality and all that Jazz program at Unity Temple on the Plaza (1994-present). He recently began a long term contract with Unity Village for a retreat version of this program as well. He also co-leads an annual men's retreat at Unity Village

Tim has played for the last 13 years at Community Christian Church where he performs his annual Jazz Vespers Service, coordinates the Easter Sunrise Service and hosts/directs/plays in the popular Jazz Carolfest at Christmas time.

Tim is currently on call at several churches for specialty music at Sunday services, weddings and in particular funeral and memorial services.

In 2005, Tim launched his Tender Transitions program which is his name for the personal, specialized uplifting memorial services that he creates. Tim's creative powerful memorial services have brought a deep sense of comfort and peace to many people during their time of "tender transitioning".

Through his Tender Transition program with his vast roster of Kansas City's best most sensitive musical talent, can supply the best musicians available for each service he is asked to assist.

Whether it is traditional, contemporary, gospel or even jazz/blues based or comforting New Age music, Tim can either play and/or bring just the right musicians for each special service

Tim's flexible schedule, seasoned sensitive personality, knowledge of many styles and genres, and ability to work with some of the most talented musicians makes him an asset to any worship and/or memorial service situation.

"I feel that there is a great need to orchestrate the right kind of music for worship and in particular transition services. Music that inspires hope, builds strength, and assists in the healing process

Church work of all kinds

Memorial Services
Specialty Services of any sort of transitioning
(change in relationship, moving, life changes)

Jazz or Blues based
New Age

Tim Whitmer — piano, organ, flute, & vocals with a roster of Kansas City’s best, most sensitive musical talent.


“We have been truly blessed to have Tim share his sterling gifts with us. Because of his extraordinary talent as a pianist, his sensitive collaborations with Kansas City’s other great musicians, and his wide range of capabilities in all genres of music, Tim Whitmer has rightly earned the title of The Maestro in the eyes of countless admirers. He touches souls.”
-- Rev. Robert L. Hill
  Pastor— Community Christian Church

“Tim is a great talent. His personality is very easy to work with and he brings a strong spiritual, sensitive side to his music. We recommend him highly.”
-- Rev. Norman Rotert
  Pastor—Visitation Catholic Church

“Looking back over the hundreds of funerals of which I have officiated, the ones that stand out as the most rewarding and beneficial to all attending are those facilitated by Tim Whitmer and his talented group of artists. With focus put on a healing message, joyful memories and music most loved by the dearly departed, Tim weaves together a service that elevates those attending. I see this movement in funerals and memorial services to definitely be a wave of the future.”
-- Rev. Duke Tufty
   Unity Temple on the Plaza

Grounded deeply in spirituality, insight and understanding, Tim's music gives voice to our joys and sorrows as we celebrate and grieve. Tim has a gift of creating a service that resonates and moves the heart and soul"

Annie Loendorf SCL
Founder, House of Menuha


Artist - Entertainer - Pianist - Church Musician - Emcee

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